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Sii is the leading provider of IT and engineering services in Poland, employing over 3700 specialists and delivering solutions for business partners from all around the world – including USA, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain. The company supports its clients within the scope of testing, software development, infrastructure management as well as system integration and system maintenance. As an offshoring leader in Central Europe, Sii has profound experience in international cooperation. The company executes projects for leading worldwide companies representing various sectors, such as banking and finance, insurance, telecommunication, hi-tech, utilities, transportation & logistics, FMCG and many others. Thyssen Krupp, Leica Geosystems, mBank, Fresenius, Scalepoint, Berlingske Media, Widex, Sabre, T-Mobile are some of Sii’s many clients.

Sii is first and foremost a technological expert, whose technical skills focus around 12 Competency Centers: Testing, Digital, Business Intelligence, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Salesforce, SAP, Engineering, Embedded, Legacy Systems, Business Process Automation and IT Operations. These are specialized units, within which highly experienced specialists provide their expertise, develop their own skills and share knowledge. In Sii projects are carried out based on the Lean and Agile methodologies, which guarantee flexibility and a full compliance of the service with the customer’s needs.

Sii is the biggest testing services provider in Poland with over 700 testers and more than 100 projects carried out for local and international clients. The Testing Competency Center offers a whole range of testing services for web applications, web services as well as mobile and desktop applications. It supports clients in the process of Digital Transformation and helps them to implement Agile and DevOps through Continuous Testing. Automated tests, that are carried out for clients, focus on UI and API layers, allowing for a test automation rate to increase even to 85% per project.

The Center supports its clients in planning and designing tests and test processes to cover business risk and at the same time decrease the amount of performed tests to allow companies to make frequent changes in systems without the risk of failure.

Currently Sii has 12 branches in major Polish cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin, Lodz, Katowice, Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz, Czestochowa and Pila, and is planning to expand to other locations both in Poland and abroad. For more information please visit: www.sii.pl/en or directly contact our Business Manager Szymon Wroblak at swroblak@pl.sii.eu.

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